one of a kind fine art

I will be featuring my art at the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts show August 22-23, 2015 in downtown Palo Alto. This show features the diverse work of 300 fine artists and crafters, with an Italian street painting expo, Kids art studio, entertainment and much more. 


Inside, you will view nature's most exquisite masterpieces--burl wood, from woods found throughout the coastal areas of the western United States. I aspire to bring you hand-picked, hand-made functional art made from the finest of burl woods, bringing enrichment, beauty, and joy
into your surroundings.
 It is my pleasure to share a world of whimsical alluring beauty acquired only from sources harvested in accordance through sustainable practices.



                                                         "CRATER'S OF THE MOON"
                                                                       Spalted Maple
This is a very old Big Leaf Maple, spalted, thus the darkened lines and patterns throughout the piece. The entire landscape is like a kaleidoscope of the Moon, enhancing the center point at the eye's base. The dimensions are:  L:27.5", W: 18", Depth: 10.4"