one of a kind fine art

My love of wood began as a child, watching my father skillfully build anything from cabinets to houses. He took the kind of time each piece required to create a perfect outcome, whatever his hands created. I didn’t just follow his footsteps. I committed several years to the Nursing profession, working in many capacities both in hospitals and community services, and eventually shifted from allopathic medicine to a more holistic approach working with people one-on-one in the healing arts. My hands have proven to be my greatest instrument.


While living in Ashland, Oregon, I began making willow furniture, after a much loved willow tree that grew in my front yard was found to be waning and had to be removed. I was determined to keep the treasure of the tree, and made my first loveseat. That loveseat initiated making all kinds of the twig furniture.

The work took a different direction following a long meditation retreat. I took a drive out to an area that would become one of my treasure troves in Oregon on a property full of many kinds of burls. I will never forget that day. Seeing those burls-their intricate patterns of beauty, their aliveness, caught my heart on fire.  Some people who fall in love with burl call it “Burl Fever.” Already deeply affected during the retreat my heart caught the fever big-time. I brought home a van load of burls, and from that day on, it has been a journey of love and inspiration.

Burls are masterpieces of nature, with an enchantingly alluring mystique. The inherent beauty brings natural yet eloquent presence to all kinds of settings. Single to multiple tiered tables, chairs, lamps, clocks, vessels and serving platters highlight spaces from country and hilliside dwellings to the more contemporary city properties.

My commitment is to preserve and highlight its sensuously eloquent nature, bringing forth its story to see and revel in. I am constantly striving to affect an outcome that ensures the highest quality of whatever form is being worked with, using both power and hand tools, and many hours of hand sanding. I carefully choose each piece, picking those that offer something uniquely different.

The bowl-vessels and servers are sealed with an FDA approved food-grade sealer and are used for all kinds of foods- chips and dip, suchi, fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, to name a few. I encourage people to use their imagination.

 It has been common practice with bowl makers, to turn or carve the vessel as thin as possible. My goal is to follow the flow and structure of each piece, highlighting fluidity and the innate sensousness with varying thickness.
 The vessels have been used as food servers, three-dimensional wall art, center conversational pieces, and even spiritual baptismal vessels.  

                                                                                           Joni Walters