one of a kind fine art

Below are sample tables & bases.

Available, includes dining, entry-way, serving, altars, coffee tables, end tables and multiple tiered tables.  If you would like a metal base or have another idea, give me a call. All work of art is designed to meet your needs.

"Her Majesty" #405

One of two (above and below) lace redwood tables from a 9 ft. burl.
   In the midst of land development in what once was an ancient grove of Redwoods, a massive burl
was excavated from below ground. Both the photos above and below are from the same massive burl.
The table top above
measures 5 ft in legnth with 3½ft. width, full of lace & curly quilted burl.


                                                    "Brother Moon"  #406
  • This is Redwood burl from a 9 ft. 2,000 year old Redwood Lace slab. (See above for details of excavation.)
  • Dimensions: 6 ft. x 24-48"  wide, 3" thick tabletop. Has natural edging on 3 sides.


Tiny section of massive ancient Redwood burl from the burl unearthed when land was being developed. Made into
a leaf shaped coffee table.
Base is Cedar stained.

Dimensions: Ht: 17¾" x L: 57" x W: 30½"

    •     Olive double tiered end table with Pecan Base
    •            Top Ht: 27" x W: 33" x D: 2'
Buckeye Burl Altar with Nutmeg Base. Both side view (above) & top view (below.) Buckeye is a soft golden wood that forms darker blackish with blue hues adding character and pronouncing the patterns inherent in the burl. All tables are hand sanded to bring ultimate silk-like smoothness. SOLD