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Below is featured samples of functional art.

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Celebration for Craftswomen Art show
Ft. Mason  
San Francisco, California

All Vessels/Servers are sealed with an FDA approved
food-grade sealer.
A minimum of 8 coats for high durability & protection.


Art Vessel  #397
 Claro Walnut
Dimensions: L 20 3/4” x W 16” x D 4 1/4”  

Art Vessel  #402
Buckeye Burl
Dimensions: L 28 1/4” x W 15” x D 5 1/2”  

Big Leaf Maple Full Meal Server
Dimensions: L 29 ½ ” x W 27” x D 2½” 



Art Vessel #521
Big Leaf Maple Server
Dimensions: L 38" x W 23" x D 3" 
Located at Gallery Mack, Seattle Wa.

Art Vessel #542
Buckeye Vessel
Dimensions: L 36" x Ht 24" x D 13" 

Culinary Server
Redwood Burl
Dimensions: L: 34” x W: 15" x D:3''

"Psalms of the Sea"    HUGE
Art Vessel  #324  
Made with Big Leaf Maple
Dimensions: L 33” x W 26 ½”  x D 7” 
Located at Tribes Interiors, Ketchum, Idaho

Curly Quilted Purple Heart Redwood/Manzanita Bench



Curly Lace Redwood Leaf Table
with Cedar Base
Dimensions: Ht: 17-3/4" x L: 57" x W:30-1/2"


Food Serving or Entryway Table
 Buckeye with Wrought Iron Base
Dimensions: Ht: 32" x L: 54" x D: 31"

Dining Room round glass top table

Made from manzanita, oak, buckeye
Dimensions: 4'x 4' diameter  Ht 29" 
4 copper lights in art for evening beauty


Art piece #500
 Buckeye and Manzanita
Dimensions: Ht 46" x W 31" x D 26"

Art piece #341
Made from Lace Redwood, Maple and Manzanita
Dimensions: Ht 58" x W 22" x D 23"

"Visions of the Heart"
Art piece #354
Chair: Curly Redwood, Maple and Manzanita
Dimensions: Ht 49” x W 31” x D 19”

                                                     Buckeye/Manzanita Rocking Chair #438
                                                  Ht: 4ft. 2'', W: 33" D: 32"